Spring/summer 2024 edition of Alumni Spirit magazine now available

by Matt Jardin  |   

On the cover: UAA鈥檚 Rasmuson Hall with blooming cherry blossoms on a sunny summer morning. (Photo by James Evans / design by Brett Rawalt / 熊猫在线视频)

Presenting the ! As UAA's premier publication, these amazing stories capture the great work of alumni and students from your Hometown U.

This edition of Spirit is full of stories about exactly that: investing 鈥 investing in people and investing in community. In this issue, learn about the creation of a research institute benefitting Arctic security thanks to a in UAA from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Featured in this issue is the , a statewide chapter of the national ACLU civil rights organization that relies on its homegrown UAA alumni workforce to add a personal touch to local advocacy efforts.

Read about culinary arts alumna and restaurateur , whose family not only established and operates Club Paris, the oldest steakhouse in Anchorage, but has also contributed to advancing the food service industry in 熊猫在线视频.

Also meet mechanical engineering alumnus and two-time NASA intern , whose role as a mentor to high schoolers interested in engineering during the UAA Summer Engineering Academies brings his own story full circle.

With these stories and more, please enjoy leaning in and learning more about how #SeawolfNation continues to make an impact in 熊猫在线视频 and beyond.

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